Monaco is only a short train ride from Nice, so I had to get out there and rub shoulders with the rich and famous!

The train cost a mere 3 Euros and took us to Monaco within 15 minutes! As you arrive in the station, one can only see and feel that money is no issue in this small country.  The station itself is enclosed within a mountain and its walls are all spotless and marbled finished.

As you walk out of the station your first steps are onto the street that is a part of the Formulae 1 Grand Prix track of Monte Carlo.  Having raced on the racetrack so many times on simulation games I felt I knew my way around, seeing that the track covers the majority of this nation.

In this picture I can be seen just outside the Monte Carlo Casino which had only the best of the best cars parked outside. From Lamborghini’s to Bentleys there was a photo opportunity with any of the super cars of the world.

After finishing dinner, overlooking the Monaco harbor which is home to hundreds of private yachts and ships, the bill was brought to the table… I am glad I stuck to a starter (tuna salad which had a Moroccan flair) and a side (ratatouille) to eat otherwise I would still be there washing dishes to help pay off what could have been a very expensive meal- to put it lightly. Totally worth every cent though I must just add!

The atmosphere I experienced in Monaco is something I had never felt before. On walking back to the train station I passed an outdoor cinema, which was free of charge, so I sat down in one of these futuristic looking seats and enjoyed 15 min of a French movie, a great way to finish off an eye opening day in the tax free world of Monaco.Monaco

Nice, France

I am back in France now but in a completely different setting to Paris. Nice, which is right on the Mediterranean, has a much more chilled out vibe which I really like! It is time now to soak up the sun rays and enjoy the warm ocean.

First off the beach front is completely different to the way they are back home in South Africa. Pebbles and stones are the norm here whilst I am used to the beach sand and huge dunes making up a beach front. The water is however extremely pleasant in temperature and perfect to swim in, there are no waves which is also new to me.

In this picture attached I am enjoying a lovely Reglisse Mint cocktail on top of a beautiful hotel that overlooks the entire city of Nice. Incredibly beautiful views of the ocean can be seen from up top there, apparently viewing up to 20km out to the horizon!

I was able to see some other extremely stunning settings a little out of Nice. I took a train out to Cap de Ail with a friend and we both walked up and down the mountains making up the shore line until we reached a beach called “Mahla Beach”. It is basically situated in a cove and is picturesque. A lot more secluded but still had with a real holiday vibe,2 small restaurants dug into the mountain side before the beachfront with a DJ throwing out some summer tunes.

Tomorrow I will be taking the train out 15 min to the nation of Monaco! I am interested to see this wealthy nation which is host to the exclusive Monte Carlo Formulae 1 Grand Prix.



Jumped onto the Eurostar in Paris and checked into London 5 days ago. The main purpose of the visit to London being Wimbledon, with a friend who organized tickets for the Quarters, Semis and the final!  I was extremely privileged to have been present here, as seen in this picture, at the Wimbledon 2013 final which was quite a one sided affair. Andy Murray being the winner in straight sets ending the 77year drought of a British winner of this All England Club event. London

Such intense tennis was on show this year with everyone out there fighting and believing they can win. This belief comes from all the upsets of the big names such as Federer and Nadal going out so early! I had the traditional “Strawberries and Cream” accompanied by a “Pimms” which all went down well with all the matches. Once again I was extremely lucky to have been able to witness this victory which will be down in the history books in bold!

Whilst in London I also went out and visited the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels on show there. Such stunning pieces of gold and diamonds have been molded and cut to create all the different Crowns and ornaments utilized in the Coronation of new Kings and Queens over the years of the monarch’s ruling. 

I had been keeping up with my training whilst being there and thus have enjoyed running around the city and being able to see all new sights. The Houses of Parliament are stunning and massive! Big Ben is unifying every time it chimes on the hour and the London Bridge is also just an incredible sight.

This morning I ran into a little bit of trouble on my run as I got myself completely lost! Ended up running for just over 1 and a ¼ hours instead of just 30 min as I was needing to catch my flight out to Nice. After rushing and utilizing the Underground, which I must say is extremely efficient, I got myself to London airport just in time to get onto my plane and thus here I am awaiting takeoff to fly to Nice, France. Really keen for some good sunshine and the Mediterranean sea.

Sebastian in Paris!

So here I am… PARIS !!!

I am staying right by the Arc de Triumphe and thus am right in the center of this intense city. I love the vibe of this place, cafes have their tables on to the street, lovely fruit stores are all over town with juicy fruits all shapes and sizes ( I am guessing it is cherry season as there is almost an over abundance of these right now in these stores, however I am not complaining… I love cherries .)

I visited the Louvre yesterday all I can say is WOW!!! So much history there. I was able to go see the majestic Mona Lisa which was very interesting! I must admit, a lot smaller than I had imagined her however there was an aura about her, mystery or something behind that smiPfeiffer Parisle that has made all the hype around her for all the decades if not centuries!

Of course I climbed the Eiffel tower ! However there was a little bit of a mix up and I bought the wrong tickets… The ticket allowed my friend and I up to the 2nd floor, climbing the whole way only to get there and be denied access to the elevator to the top and the stairs were closed too. We went back the next day to hit it once more! Well it was worth the wait! Such a stunning view from that massive structure!!!

Till next time… Which will be London:)


African Ambassador Abroad

Hi everyone! 

My name is Sebastian Wernecke. I am from Johannesburg South Africa and I will be a Junior already from the Fall of 2013.

I am enrolled at Pfeiffer studying Pre-Med and Biology with a minor in Chemistry, and am currently working on getting into a Medical school to further my studies.

Outside of the academic world I am competing on the Men’s Tennis team and absolutely love the wide array of countries that characterize our team. 9 different nations are represented, this giving me so many opportunities to learn about all these different cultures and backgrounds from all around the globe.

Over the next month I will be traveling through 5 countries and I look forward to sharing with you all, through the blog, all the locations I visit with pictures and updates of my adventures. 

First off I want to share a picture I took in the Pilanesberg national park in South Africa. It was taken on Father’s day. My wonderful parents and I went off to enjoy a tasty biltong omelet breakfast in the bush. The picnic spot being in the middle of the park is fenelephantsced off as it is host to the “Big 5” (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo) as well as Cheetahs, Wild Dogs and Hyenas, just to name a few of the wildlife species that are residing there.

The elephants seen in the picture are extraordinary animals! With unmatched memory power, the largest heart in a mammal and a “long nose” they truly are an interesting species. They are so majestic and powerful yet can also be so calm and gentle at the right time.

Perfect winter weather topped off what was truly an amazing day!

Best wishes

Seb W the AAA.

Sarah Daly’s Summer Internship!

525473_10151240389713676_1400862638_nI just began my first week of interning at Environment America federal advocacy offices, located in Washington D.C.  I have already learned so much about different environmental policies and the factors associated with environmental campaigning.  I am working directly with the National Parks Conservation Coordinator on a major campaign.  Having grown up about 45 miles outside the city, working in DC has always been a dream of mine.

 I discovered Environment America through personal online searches.  I had summer internship offers from a couple other organizations, but I knew Environment America was the best place for me to jumpstart a professional career. 

Many of the other interns are from much larger schools than Pfeiffer; but when I tell them about Pfeiffer and my experiences with the University, they think it sounds like a great place to be. I do not think I would be here in DC today if it were not for my all that my professors and faculty have done for me.

Pfeiffer has a semester long Capitol Hill Internship Program, where you can be placed at a company or organization in Washington DC.  This opportunity is open to all majors, for the work and internship diversity in Washington DC is widespread.

I think that no matter what your major is, it would be extremely beneficial to take advantage of the Capitol Hill Internship Program if you can do so.  I truly believe there is no other city like Washington DC.  I loved being immersed with so many different and new things all around me at any given time.

I think that the interdisciplinary Environmental Curriculum at Pfeiffer has fully prepared me for this internship experience. I feel very fortunate to represent Pfeiffer as I take on new challenges and experiences here.

If you have any questions about the environmental science major, courses, internships or my experience in Washington DC, please feel free to contact me via email at, or find me on Facebook.


Spring Has Sprung

It is finally the spring semester, and for me and several other student ambassadors this means one thing; spring sports teams are in full swing!  Softball, Baseball, Tennis, Lacrosse, and Men’s Volleyball all begin their quest to reach a Conference Carolinas Championship!  Many of these teams, including women’s lacrosse are hoping to strive further this year and earn a spot in the NCAA National Tournament.  Men’s Volleyball is returning to the court after an exciting Conference Carolinas championship win against Mount Olive this past year.

            During the early months of this semester, the swim team broke many school records while both basketball teams are working hard to clench records and high rankings in the Conference Carolinas Championship tournament as they approach the end of their season.  Pfeiffer has 18 NCAA Division II athletic teams on campus.  For all of you sports lovers out there who are planning on attending Pfeiffer, there are games, matches and meets all throughout the year that are free for students to attend!

            As we look forward to the success of the spring season teams, we cannot dismiss the accomplishments reached by many of our fall teams.  Women’s soccer prevailed to a 2nd place finish in the Conference Carolinas tournament this year, our Men’s Golf team earned a 3rd place finish in their final event of the fall and the Men’s cross country team became one of the fastest Coach Nolt has seen during his tenure. Several Pfeiffer student athletes from various teams earned well deserved all-conference team selections as well as being names player of the week throughout the season. 

            Attending athletic events at Pfeiffer is a great way for students to meet new people and to become involved on campus.  Pfeiffer Pfury is a student organization on campus that supports and encourages school spirit and athletic event attendance.  Anyone can get involved with this club, and you might even be fortunate enough to earn an opportunity to try out to be the famous Freddy the Falcon! No matter what your personal interests are, we are all Pfeiffer students and are encouraged to support one another in our endeavors. 

            From personal experience, I can truly say that Pfeiffer students appreciate it when our fellow peers come to support us.  Whether it is an athletic event, musical performance, artistic showcase or religious expression, Pfeiffer students are united in wanting to achieve our goals and dreams.  Whenever you are available to attend something new on campus, I highly recommend going to as many events as you can!  School spirit is not just reflected in athletic event attendance, rather it is reflected by the pride we all have in being Pfeiffer students and supporting one another.  Go Falcons!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Meet Cade!

ImageHi, my name is Cade Isley.  I appreciate you all taking the time to view the Student Ambassador Blog.   I’m currently a sophomore at Pfeiffer University and I’m majoring in Exercise Science.  Along with being a Student Ambassador, I’m also a Resident Assistant, a member of the Men’s Basketball team, and a member of a few clubs on campus.  After I graduate, I plan on attending Graduate School to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.    

During my first two years at Pfeiffer University, I have learned the value of making connections.  Getting involved on campus is vital to your success.  It’s also a great way to meet new people and build lasting relationships.  These relationships are not only beneficial to you now but also later in life.  Besides, who doesn’t want to build genuine relationships with their peers and co-workers?  Pfeiffer University presents every student with numerous opportunities to have these experiences.  All you have to do is take the necessary steps and get involved.

I encourage prospective students to consider the great opportunities Pfeiffer will provide.  The small class size and willing professors have been a great help to my success in the classroom.  Pfeiffer has also provided me with opportunities for employment; which will prepare me for job opportunities down the road once I graduate and become a Physical Therapist.  The opportunities and skills I have learned have increased my confidence and I feel like Pfeiffer can do the same for you!

Sarah’s first Falcon Preview Day

Monday January31st marked our first Falcon Preview Day of the 2013!  Falcon preview days are free open house events where anyone who is interested in becoming a Pfeiffer student can visit the University.  There are many events and sessions held throughout the day where prospective students may talk with current students, professors, and other faculty about potentially becoming a Pfeiffer falcon.  The student ambassadors and the admissions staff were busy working hard all morning to ensure our visitors had an ideal Pfeiffer experience.

Prospective students and their parents entered the community room to the uplifting sounds of live music being performed by Pfeiffer students and faculty.  A humorous speech by the Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Patrick Malloy set the tone for an exciting day for both the prospective students and their parents. 

As this was the first Falcon Preview Day I have ever worked, I can honestly say that it was a wonderful experience being able to share my knowledge and passion for Pfeiffer with prospective students.  I speak on behalf of all of the other ambassadors when I say that we truly enjoy people coming to visit and wanting to learn more about the University.

            At 9:30 we separated prospective students from their parents, taking them to a different location. This was done so that both the parents and the students could have hands on question and answer sessions.  Separating the two allows for students to ask our Pfeiffer student panel questions that they might not want to ask in front of their parents.  This allowed myself, Josh, Rachel, and Deva to give these students the ‘real deal’ when it comes to student life on campus. 

            Following the Q&A sessions, there were presentations held by various academic departments.  This allowed the students and their parents to learn more about the academic programs here, as well as the other numerous opportunities.

Often times preview days are followed by athletic events or other events on campus such as music performances prospective students and their families can attend for free! Students of all grade levels are invited and welcome to come to as many preview days as they would like!Image

Deva Rummage: Non-Traditional Student

Hey, my name is Deva Rummage. I’m a non-traditional transfer student at Pfeiffer University. I took the long way to get here; however, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. God has given me a unique opportunity and I am humbly embracing it daily.

Let’s see, where to start? I was born and raised here in Stanly County. In fact, I live on property adjoining where I was raised (with Morrow Mountain practically in my back yard.) I went to school at Badin Elementary from first grade through the eighth. I was active in sports, playing basketball and softball. In addition, I was a member of the Junior Beta Club. From there I attended and was graduated from North Stanly High School, which is just a few miles down the road from Pfeiffer. During my high school years many of my friends’ parents were professors at Pfeiffer; however, I was never interested in attending a four year college. Actually, I never wanted to even go to a community college. I just wanted to get married and live happily ever after. Luckily my parents at least convinced me to attend Stanly Community College and pursue an associate degree in accounting. At that point I was the only person in my family who had furthered his or her education after high school. I applied for and received several scholarships to help pay for my education. I completed one year at Stanly Community College then I married my high school sweetheart. I earned my associate degree in two years.

I entered the work force doing various office type positions from a Receptionist for a doctor’s office to Medical Records Director for a nursing home. During that time my “happily ever after” ended in divorce. I finally found myself working in the position of Business Office Manager for an assisted living community. That was when I realized the financial aspect of any business intrigued me. I worked in the capacity of Business Office Manager for two different assisted living chains and loved to do what I enjoyed and have the opportunity to meet and have an impact on such amazing elderly people and their families.

As fate would have it I applied for and received a position with a local government. At that point, I thought I had found a place from which to retire. I started with an entry level position and within three years I was Assistant Finance Director. Now that was something I really enjoyed doing, I basically lived for my job. After eight and a half years I was told I was “no longer qualified” to do the position I had been doing effectively and that I loved for so long. That was a devastating blow for me.

At the age of 41 I found myself unemployed. This was definitely NOT what I had planned for my life. But luckily it was what God had planned for me. After a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself I decided I had to pick myself up and move on that God had better things for me. After talking to some of my most trusted friends I decided to go back to school and pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting so I could achieve my new goal of becoming a Certified Public Accountant. I met with the non-traditional admissions counselor at Pfeiffer and from the moment I walked on campus I felt like part of the family here. But the one who made the largest impact on my career path now was Dr. Patrick Malloy. He is an amazing man who is passionate about what he does here at Pfeiffer. That passion is infectious.

Since the moment I stepped on campus I have felt like part of a wonderful family. All of the faculty, and staff, as well as the students have embraced me. I was intimated to begin with because I thought I would be overwhelmed, but much to my surprise it was an extremely easy transition. I would encourage anyone to consider Pfeiffer University as there is a diverse population here. Just give us a call and we will schedule a tour at a time that’s convenient for you.


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